Los Angeles: The Early Days. The Amazing History of the Pacific Electric Red Cars
The Los Angeles Transportation System from the 1890s: Cable Cars, The Trolleys, The Original Los Angeles Subway, The Pacific Electric Red Car Lines, The Downtown Tunnels.
Los Angeles: The Early Days DVD


  • Downtown L.A.
  • Echo Park
  • Edendale
  • Bunker Hill
  • Crown Hill
  • Court Hill
  • Fort Moore Hill
  • Angels Flight
  • Court Flight
  • PE Edendale Line
  • PE Echo Park Line
  • PE Glendale Line

Los Angeles, The Early Days takes the viewer on a trip through time, in an incredible tour back to the beginnings of the city, showing the creation, the growth and the ultimate demise of the famous Pacific Electric Red Car transportation system.

Award-winning filmmaker David Rapka has documented an impressive visual symphony of old photographs of Los Angeles combined with contemporary views, creating a stunning "then-and-now" show that reveals in vivid detail just how very much the landscape of downtown Los Angeles and its environs has changed over the past century.

Even more impressive is his technique of precisely aligning these shots, presenting a parade of incredible changes before the viewer's eyes. You find yourself actually journeying into the past as the cityscape before you morphs from present-day L.A. into a view of how these very same streets looked decades ago, before the automobile and the freeways changed city centers, social conventions, and even the very topography of the city.

If you're interested in the history of Los Angeles, if you're a rail-buff or have nostalgia for a by-gone era when the street car ruled, this DVD will make a rich addition to your collection, or a great gift for someone who has a love of the glories of the past. Order two or more copies and we'll ship FREE! (We'll even include in a giftcard from you!)


"This 52-minute video history of downtown Los Angeles, her tunnels and trolley lines is the best we've ever seen!"
—Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California (ERHA)

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